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2016 Toyota Venza – review, specs, engine, exterior and interior

Toyota Venza doesn’t want to be defined easily. It’s not an SUV-its all-wheel-drive system is intended for all types of weather, not the field. This is not the station wagon, not with that angle hatchback-like glass. Has a base price of $ 28, 915.00.

2016 Toyota Venza

In the most logical of the world, it would be called a crossover wagon. This is just one of the mid-size vehicles more practical, like the cars that we can think of, highly functional piece that takes the best attributes of the car types and mix them into something new and uncluttered.

2016 Toyota Venza Interior

Five-seat Toyota Venza looks like a mature, adult-out hatchback it really is, the one with the extra space and ride height needed for the occasional adventure and tourism. Fresh light in 2013 but is mostly identical to the origins of the 2009 Venza has a large, toothy grilles that are excessive in its portfolio the whole single lines and curves. With a rather low profile and the roofline, as compared to other utes, Venza crossover seems very well knitted together from Toyota’s parts bin.

Front seat 2016 Toyota Venza

Cabin’s perfectly functional, but trim and materials that are more useful than sexy. There’s too much hard plastic knee with drivers and passengers than you might expect in a vehicle that can cost more than $30, 000.00.

The Toyota Venza2016 Machine

There are four-cylinder and V-6, Venzas and both are offered with all-wheel drive. 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that is rated at 182 horsepower, V-6 in a powerful 268 hp. both are paired to a six-speed automatic. The four-cylinder model is adequate but boring, while the V-6 model has a strong, smooth character that makes it feel more like the Lexus RX 350. Road noise is a problem on a rough surface, with four cylinders more than six. Gas mileage is not much different between the two power trains, with the four-cylinder Venzas in up to 20/26 mpg, and V-6s as low as 18/25 mpg. The drive model Venza from the previous model year, we’ve found this cart to push a little bit more like minivans are sorted properly from a cart or a sportier SUVs. You sit high, but more in terms of ride and handling, the Venza is more carlike than most other alternatives. With enough soft suspension tuning and the steering is a bit stiff, this does not mean exciting to drive, but it’s competent and never struggled to beat the driver intent.

2016 Toyota Venza exterior

Unlike Toyota 4Runner three lines, or even great, Highlander Venzamake absolutely no claim to off-road trails. And while you can get a third row of seating in both of them, the Venza has only two lines. It is more on the level of Camry, carts are functional. What it means is an impressive space for five adults and a good amount of cargo space and seating height near ideal that makes getting in and out very easily.

Toyota Venza offered at LE Basic, mid-range and top XLE-lux limited trims. The four-cylinder comes only in the LE and XLE trim, and V-6s only in limited trim, with all-wheel drive. Model Venza XLE get memory power driver’s seat, reverse-tilt outside mirrors, and navigation, as well as the Entune multimedia features. At the top of the line, All limited models feature daytime running LED lights, premium 13-speaker JBL sound system, and navigation is enhanced.

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2016 Toyota Venza – review, specs, engine, exterior and interior
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